Ciaran Fairman, Ph.D., CSCS, CET

Chief Scientific Officer
3555 Kraft Rd., Ste 130 Naples, Florida 34105

Ciaran has more than a decade of experience conducting research and developing programs specifically designed to help people with cancer recover from cancer treatments and live a full live. Ciaran received his PhD in Kinesiology with a focus on exercise oncology from The Ohio State University. He continued his training in exercise oncology during his Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Exercise Oncology at Edith Cowan University in Australia.

Ciaran is also an Assistant Professor in Exercise Science at the University of South Carolina, where he is director of an exercise oncology research lab. Here, the lab’s primary research focus is examining the impact of exercise, and nutrition on improving the quality of life of individuals diagnosed with cancer during and after their treatment.

Ciaran has dedicated his life to better understanding how exercise can help manage the side effects of cancer treatments and allow you to live a full life. In his role, he is committed to ensuring the exercise program and assessments at Inspire Exercise Medicine are constantly updated using the latest cutting-edge research from the field of Exercise Oncology.

Outside of IEM, Ciaran is a mediocre athlete, where he continues to play soccer and gaelic football to live out his failed high school dreams. When not playing sports, you can find him in the mountains.

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