Our approach

The Inspire Exercise Medicine Way

The power of the exercise prescription

We are not a gym. This is not physical therapy. We are a medical fitness center, and our medical staff prescribe exercise as a complementary treatment in managing chronic conditions, including cancer.

Initially designed to support the treatment of patients living with cancer, our exercise protocol is based on strength training and focuses on several important metrics that strongly correlate with a reduction in the risk of cancer recurrence and an overall improvement in physical function and quality of life.

Our performance coaches carefully guide, adjust, and intensify your exercise dose, progressively loading the body to activate the internal pharmacy contained within the muscles and prompt healing physiological processes.

Exercise and cancer biology

Exercise has been shown to create a less favorable environment within the body for cancer to grow and progress.

Cancer and quality of life

Exercise before, during and after cancer treatment has been shown to improve both quality and quantity of life for those living with cancer.

Exercise and prevention of chronic conditions

The effectiveness of exercise for the prevention and management of chronic conditions is well documented:

Our core values


By honoring our roles in the patient-physician relationship and our unique responsibilities to each other, we together make the biggest impact on your health. We do better because you deserve better.


We connect with you, our patient, through kindness, empathy, and respect. By fostering a compassionate environment, we create a sense of trust and support as partners, navigating the challenges of cancer with greater ease and confidence.


We are committed to your lifelong well-being. Enlisting every resource available, we fulfill our promise to empower you to reclaim your life.


We uphold excellence in everything we do. From the expertise of our cancer physicians to the training of our performance coaches to the quality of our clinics, we bring you the absolute best people, treatments, and environment available.

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