Your prescription for life

Redefining healthcare through exercise medicine

Inspire Exercise Medicine is founded on one powerful fact: Exercise is a medical treatment.

Our medically prescribed and supervised exercise and nutrition programs work as part of your healthcare provider's treatment plan to prevent and manage chronic conditions, including cancer.

It all begins with your exercise prescription.

The assessment

The intake assessment is the basis for your personalized exercise prescription. A series of physical and medical tests...

The prescription

Your personalized exercise prescription will include details about the frequency, intensity, time and type of exercise.

The exercise medicine

The medicine is exercise and is based on strength training to improve functionality and quality of life.

Cancer and exercise

Initially founded to support the care plans of patients living with cancer, our treatments focus on several important metrics that strongly correlate with a reduction in the risk of cancer recurrence and an overall...

Chronic conditions and exercise

The same beneficial physiological processes that improve outcomes for cancer patients also reduce the incidence and severity of chronic conditions.

Exercise is associated with a nearly
50% reduction
in the risk of recurrence for most cancers

Supervised exercise programs have been shown to prevent and improve:

• Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative
• Anxiety and depression
• Cardiovascular disease
• Diabetes and obesity
• Osteoporosis
• Most cancers

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