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How to become a patient

Our exercise prescriptions are integrated into and work in tandem with your healthcare provider's treatment plan, which is why we ask for a referral from your primary or specialty care provider.

After receiving your referral, our team will contact you to schedule
your consultation with our oncology-trained physician assistant.

The assessment

The assessment, along with your referring healthcare provider's diagnosis, is the basis for your personalized exercise prescription. A series of physical and medical tests performed during this appointment will help determine how to best optimize your health. These include a body composition scan, functional movement screening, hand-grip test, and a Y-balance test, along with depression and quality of life screenings.

Your prescription

Your personalized exercise prescription includes details about the frequency, intensity, time and type of exercise to be performed. You'll also be scheduled into the appropriate exercise class for your needs two to three times a week for an initial period of 60 days.

The medicine

The medicine is exercise and is based on strength training, using weights and resistance to progressively load the body to improve functionality and quality of life. Our group therapy classes are small enough to provide patients with individualized attention and guidance.


Nutrition plays an integral role in overall health, becoming even more crucial in the management of chronic conditions and cancer. Our registered dietitian is available to teach individualized strategies to power your prevention and recovery.


We are happy to talk to you about all the great benefits Inspire Exercise Medicine has to offer, but we do ask for a referral from your primary or specialty care provider to become a patient. We'd love to give you a tour.

We're your partners for life

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