Brett Barber, CPT

Performance Coach
3555 Kraft Rd., Ste 130 Naples, Florida 34105

Brett is a certified personal trainer with several specialized coaching fields. He has a decade of strength training and fitness experience. A lifetime wrestler, powerlifter, and former sheriff's deputy. Brett uses a form and function approach to fitness. Focusing on longevity and functionality, Brett truly believes that fitness and strength training is a marathon and lifelong endeavor.

Brett was a state place winning wrestler here in Florida. A nationally ranked powerlifter, squatting 660 pounds. He was also a member of a special operations team for the sheriff's office for the last 5 years.

Brett's favorite part of the day is motivating each and every person he interacts with and always has a smile on his face. Always willing to give out high fives and fist bumps, Brett will do his best to put a smile on your face and make you sweat at the same time!

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